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Death of the "Man Cave"

I realize that the rise of the Man Cave came out of the necessity for getting back a dedicated space to Dad's in homes that overwhelmingly get filled with the kids and wives things. But can we all agree that the term needs to GO AWAY! Why does there need to be one little (or large) space in a home dedicated to Dads. In my experience any room in our house that is for a specific purpose seems to become the place of most interest for my 3 children, like say the toilet closet. I can only imagine if my husband had a Man Cave, the kids would be there all the time and he would not.

Now don't get me wrong, I think everyone in a house should feel they have spaces to go and get away. We've set rules with our family about giving privacy to each other in their rooms & when they can go into the home office. If we can all give a little to each other's connection to physical items like pictures, trophies, a stuff fox maybe, then homes can feel like a safe space for all family members.

Let me also make it clear I'm not sexist on this topic, I'd love to see "She-Sheds" disappear from our language as well. These terms conjure up the worst stereotypes of what a space should look and feel like in a home, with more than 1 person living in it. I dislike the idea of my entire basement turning into a smelly, dark, sports memorabilia, place where trophies go to die.

In the Apple house, I try my best to add pieces all our family members can relate to throughout the home. This way we all can feel a part of it. The picture above, my husband ordered online from an Instagram Artist he follows, Cheyenne Randall. Instead of adding to the office or putting in a "Man Cave" he asked that we hang where people can see it. So I hung it in our hallway with flanking antler coat hooks from Anthropologie. This wall is also directly across from our stairs that lead to the guest room and office. So he gets to see it daily when he comes and goes from his home office. And our guests see it when they descend from their room. I love when people ask, "Is that Bill Murray?" Why yes, yes it is.

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